Nike Abuses Tiger Woods

by Jeff Skinner

Just when you think Tiger Woods may actually be trying to change his ways he allows Nike to use him and his father’s voice in this new commercial.  I know Nike likes to create a buzz around its ads and tries to be on the cutting edge of the advertising world but this is disgusting.

Is this the “new Tiger” that lets Nike play on his relationship with his father?  How can Woods, who says he is changing his ways, allow Nike to abuse him and his father’s memory this way?  John Hawkins on The Golf Channel calls it offensive and exploitative.  I call is disgusting and contemptible.

Nike would like us to think that Earl Woods would be giving Tiger a verbal whipping for his actions of the past few years.  The truth is Earl had a reputation as a ladies’ man himself so who is to say how he would have reacted to his sons affairs.  Nike also might like us to go out and buy those new Nike Victory Red Irons or a few dozen balls.  This isn’t anything other than Nike trying to keep its swoosh in front of the faces of the buying public.  It’s cheap, repulsive and as Hawkins says exploitative.

I have never spent a dime on any Nike golf product and it has nothing to do with Tiger.  Prior to this scandal I was a huge Tiger fan but Nike products and their total assault on the golfing public turned me off.  If Nike could put its insatiable need for cash and publicity on hold for a few months Tiger may win back his legion of fans.  This ad however, has turned off many golf fans and Nike is now getting in the way of Tiger’s comeback to normalcy.  Isn’t that what Nike wants:  A normal Tiger that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars for the mother of all sponsors.  Give him a chance and drop the ad. Let Woods play golf and show us all with is actions that he is changing his ways.  After all, Tiger has said he wants to show more respect for the game.  Nike should do the same.



  1. Abusing his father’s memory? His father taught him how to cheat! His father was a cheater, he’s a cheater, he’s a skank, Nike is losing money!
    I won’t cheer for Tiger anymore, I won’t shop at Nike anymore, and I quite frankly could care less about Tiger’s fathers’ memory!

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