Ken Green Comes Back Today

by Jeff Skinner

The entire world watched as Tiger Woods made his comeback to golf at The Masters last month.  Millions cheer for and watch John Daly’s umpteenth try at a comeback on his Golf Channel reality show.  Each week we all pull for David Duval as he attempts to regain his prior world number one form. But the real comeback of the year starts today on The Champions Tour at The Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf.

Ken Green will play for the first time since his horrific accident that took his girlfriend, brother and dog along with his right leg.  Green has sworn to himself that he’ll play on the tour again and he knows this week will be an emotional start to his return.  He’ll be teamed with friend Mike Reid and more importantly be surrounded by all his contemporaries and you can’t help but think they’ll all be pulling for him.

Fred Couples and Jay Haas may be the tournament favorites but Ken Green is certainly the sentimental one.  Check out David Marr’s story on Green on The Golf Channel here. Green says it really doesn’t matter how well he plays this week and that just being back is a huge step in his return to normalcy.  Green faces emotional and physical challenges each day he wakes up and this weekend will be an emotional time for him.  The mere fact that he is alive is a miracle, playing golf is a bonus. His story isn’t like Tiger where he has to recover from a self inflicted fall from grace.  Green’s return to golf will be an emotional ride for him and his family and is definitely worth watching this week and the rest of Green’s season.


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  1. What a great story of personal accomplishment…with what he’s been through over the last year, it’s simply amazing he’s playing again. Great post!

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