Tiger Woods Gets Heckeled, Heckler Gets Tasered

by Jeff Skinner

It was bound to happen sometime, I’m just surprised that it took so long.  On Friday at The Players Championship Tiger Woods was the target of some heavy duty heckling.  On the eleventh hole a 36 year old Florida man continued to yell at Woods even after security guards had asked him to stop.  According to reports, he had a few too many cocktails and continued to be disruptive despite warnings from the police who were called in to handle him.  The man got more combative as the police tried to calm him down and take him into custody.  Finally an an officer tasered the man and they cuffed him and dragged him away.  He was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest and probably had one heck of a hangover.

Woods has been very vocal about all “the fan support” he has been receiving since he returned at The Masters.  At the Quail Hollow Championship there were no incidents and there has been increased security everywhere Woods goes.  This incident at The Players was minor, except for the shock that the drunk received, but it demonstrates that not everyone is supportive of Tiger.  I’m sure there are plenty of fans that are rooting for anyone but Tiger.  It’s all part of the new world Tiger has to live in now, where he doesn’t walk on water any longer.


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