Tiger’s Next Chapter: A Pain In The Neck

by Jeff Skinner

Add another chapter to the Tiger Woods Story.  He walked off the course after seven holes yesterday at The Players Championship citing a neck injury.  This is the latest in an odd series of Tiger happenings in recent weeks.  He blew off Peter Kostis in a post Masters interview, appeared open and honest in his press conference at Quail Hollow and then went out and missed the cut.  Now he withdraws with a neck injury that he says he has had since last year.

A neck injury from last year? I’m confused.  I thought I heard Woods say that he had no health issues at all the other day.  In fact I did hear him say he was 100 percent.  Bob Harig of ESPN spoke to him after Friday’s round.

How’s your knee?

“Knee’s good.”

Any issues at all?

“No, zero. Absolutely 100 percent.”

All right, so I am not imagining things, Woods said he was fine and now on Sunday he complains of a neck injury that he had since last year.  What are we to believe?  The post-accident Tiger has come out and said he was going to change his ways.  At his Masters Press Conference and at Quail Hollow he gave the impression that he was going to be a different person, a kinder, gentler Tiger if you will.  He has yet to show us any evidence of being a changed man.

Sure, he waved to a few fans, smiled a bit and even signed some autographs.  He even called some of the press his friends, but what we’ve seen this week is the same old Tiger Woods.

I can understand how Woods may want to try and maintain some sense of privacy but he first has to realize that if he wants fans to empathize with his ordeal he’ll have to learn to be a little more honest.  Or at least learn to be a better liar. That’s right, he hasn’t spoken the truth about anything since he ran over that fire hydrant.

He may be a great golfer but he’s a bad liar.  How can you be 100 percent on Friday and have an old neck injury on Sunday.

“I’ve been playing with a bad neck for quite awhile,” Woods said.

“I’ve been playing through it. I can’t play through it anymore,” said Woods, “There’s tingling down my fingers.”

I am with Alex Miceli on the Golf Channel who says, “How can we believe anything Tiger says?”

Who knows what to expect next from Woods.  His game has never been in such a pitiful state and his personal life is about as messed up as any billionaire’s could ever be.  Maybe he should heed Butch Harmon’s advice and take some serious time away from the game.  It sure couldn’t hurt his game and maybe it would help his head.

Tiger has turned into a third rate reality television show. He’s no longer must see TV.  His game has gone south, he’s a lousy interview, he has yet to become fan friendly, you can’t believe a thing he says and right now he’s full of s—t.  How many chances does one guy get to prove that he’s a decent guy?  I’ve had enough of him.  I’ll keep busy with all the other guys on tour.


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