Tiger’s Neck, A Baseball Great & The LPGA’s Loss

by Jeff Skinner

Chip Shots…

Tiger Woods insists that his neck injury is not related to his Thanksgiving accident and he has been dealing with the pain since before The Masters.  The pain he can take, it’s the spasms that make it impossible to play golf. (See the full transcript.) I don’t doubt it that he can take the pain; this is the same guy that won the US Open on a busted leg and a torn ACL.  I do have issues with just about anything he says anymore.  Here’s my advice to Mr. Woods. Take all the time off you need to get healthy.  Get divorced, face it Tiger the reconciliation ship has sailed long ago.  It will be better for your golf game.  See somebody to help you deal with all these issues you are dealing with.  It’s insane to think one man can deal with all these issues and not have it affect him.  There are plenty of majors left to win but this should be a time you concentrate on getting your head straight before you worry about getting your drive straight.

The US Open is the big time.  John Smoltz is a big time pitcher.  He’s on his way to the Hall of Fame with a few rounds of golf in between.  Unfortunately for Smoltz he missed his chance at playing on golf’s biggest stage this year.  Smoltz played in a US Open qualifier hoping to get a chance to play in The Open but his game failed hem and he shot a 76.  Smoltz won’t miss out on the Hall of Fame and he can try to play in The Open again next year.

There’s never anything easy about a young person dying before they have had a chance to live their life.  It does not matter if it is disease, illness or accidents, there is something unbearable about losing someone before their time.  Such is the case with LPGA player Erica Blasberg.  She was found dead in her home in Nevada.  Details of her death are unavailable.  After a stellar career at the University of Arizona she joined the LPGA in 2005.  It’s a shame to lose a person so young.


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