The “New Look” Golf Shoe

We have all seen Freddy Couples sporting the low profile ecco’s this season, and it seems like the golf shoe will be taking on a much different look in the near future. Almost-Sponsor-Free Ryan Moore just signed an endorsement contract with TRUE linkswear golf shoes, and we are now seeing new brands like kikkor and even veteran brands like NIKE are introducing this “new look” to the golf shoe. 

For those of you who were hoping to get some of these modern kicks, it seems that most of these shoes won’t be available to the public until end of this season. Ecco has just released “Golf Street Premiere” and NIKE has the “Air Anthem” incorporating the young, almost skater shoe. Ryan Moore has been seen wearing vans and puma c-hoopers, both similar to the new-to-golf brand kikkor, which has taken the skater/golf shoe to another level.

Over the next few years the golf shoe looks to be headed for significant changes, very far away from the two-tone saddles that most of us seem to enjoy.


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