Brendan Marrocco: A Walking Inspiration

by Jeff Skinner

When our visionary forefathers crafted the Declaration of Independence they thought they were forming the framework for an independent nation.  I doubt that they envisioned the nation that the thirteen colonies have evolved into.  The United States of America protects more than just its own citizens within its borders.  It protects people and countries around the world.  Whether we agree or disagree with the policies of this country, one thing is undeniable; our armed forces personnel sacrifice much to preserve our way of life and protect citizens worldwide.

One such soldier is Brendan Marrocco.  Brendan is recovering from horrific wounds he sustained in Iraq.  He lost both arms and both legs and his doctors can’t explain how he survived.  Maybe it is his indomitable spirit.  He is an amazing young man with an outlook that has aided his recovery.

Lizette Alvarez profiles Marrocco in today’s New York Times.  You may remember Brendan from last year’s AT&T National or the articles by David Feherty in Golf Magazine.

Take a few minutes to reflect on the millions of men and women, soldiers and citizens alike, that have banded together over the past two centuries to make The United States of America the nation it is today.


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