Tiger Woods Dumps Scotty Cameron at The Open

by Jeff Skinner

Since he turned pro and started winning golf tournaments in 1996 Tiger Woods has spent the last decade and a half doing things on a golf course that we have never seen before.  He has astounded us with his long drives, amazing shots, one sided wins, piles of major victories and clutch putts.  Ah, the clutch putts.  On the eve of what some call his most important major in years Tiger has surprised us again.  He has gone and changed his putter.  The Scotty Cameron model that he has used for 13 of his 14 major wins is on the sidelines this week having been replaced by a new Nike model.

Let me see if I can get a handle on this.  The 2008 US Open putt on eighteen to tie Rocco: Scotty Cameron.  The putt on eighteen to win at Bay Hill:  Scotty Cameron.  15 stroke win at US Open at Pebble Beach:  Scotty Cameron.  Tiger Slam: Scotty Cameron.  Walk it in putt against Bob May at the 2000 PGA: Scotty Cameron.  Eagles at the US Open: Scotty Cameron.  Better than most, better than most; Scotty Cameron!  Come on Tiger.  As you and Rocco like to say, “Are you kidding Me!”

Tiger says he struggles on slow greens and that the the ball comes off the Nike putter faster than his old reliable.  Struggles on these greens?  He remembers he won here twice already, doesn’t he?  I may be over-reacting but, has he lost his mind.  I don’t get it.  Maybe he’ll win with it, maybe he won’t.  But how can you abandon and forsake something that has been with you your whole career?  How can you turn your back on something that has been so faithful to you for so long? Oops, that’s right, he’s Tiger Woods.


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