John Daly at The Open Championship: Fluke or For Real?

by Jeff Skinner

Say what you will about John Daly but you have to admit wherever he goes he draws a crowd and makes the headlines.  Whether it’s selling shirts from his tour bus at The Masters, playing golf shirtless and shoeless or teeing it up at St. Andrews, Daly has a hard time going unnoticed.  After all with those pants no one can miss him.  He spent a good part of Thursday’s first round at The Open Championship in the lead and finished just three strokes back of leader Rory McIlroy.  Daly may have lost 100 pounds but one thing is still the same: he has the most unbelievably, long back swing.  For a guy his size (even his reduced size) and his age, a hard lived 44, he still brings that club back way past parallel and absolutely kills the ball.  Can he avoid one of his classic meltdowns and be in contention on Sunday?  That is the big question Daly will start to answer today.  Was his 6 under 66 a fluke or is he for real this week?  Either way they’ll be a whole lot of us watching.


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