Tiger Woods Looks To Firestone To Redeem His Season

by Jeff Skinner

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tiger Woods has announced that he will be playing in the W.G.C. Bridgestone Invitational.  After all, he has only won this tournament seven out of ten times.  If any place is going to make Tiger feel at home it is Firestone Country Club.  Seven wins and never shooting higher than 71 on a championship course will do that to a fellow.  Each week that Tiger plays and doesn’t win increases the pressure on the world’s number one.  He is perilously close to losing his top ranking and each tournament without a win drops Woods further into the ranks of an “average golfer.”  That is a neighborhood that Woods has never visited.  Another week of “average” play will continue Tiger’s tailspin of decline and bring his 2010 season one step closer to a professional disaster, much like his personal life.


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  1. Tiger has definitely lost some of his intimidation factor. In times past, he could just walk onto the grounds and win the tournament. Not so much anymore. The other pros have finally realized that Tiger is just human just like everyone else. Lots of guys are playing well right now. This is the best time to make a name for yourself and there have been a lot of candidates out there vying for the best “player in the world” title. This is going to be a great race for the FED-EX Cup Championship. Finally…a little drama.

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