At The Microphone He’s Still The Same Tiger Woods

by Jeff Skinner

So Tiger Woods faced the press at The Bridgestone Invitational in his pre-tournament press conference and he is still his usual controlling, unapproachable self.  Woods likes to set the tone for any press conference and that “kinder, gentler” Tiger that we were promised months ago is long gone.  Tiger is back to his old ways of stonewalling any question he doesn’t like and still expects the press to back off as soon as he shoots that stare of his.  That routine worked a lot better when he was untouchable, or I should say when he appeared untouchable.  Now, as we have seen, he’s not what he appeared to be off the course and just as shockingly he isn’t what he used to be on the course.

Will he ever return to his pre-scandal dominance? He has a long way to go if he is ever to be the Tiger of old.  Jack Nicklaus said years ago that one of the few things that could stop Tiger was when he started to have his own family and his priorities changed.  Well, he did have is family and his priorities certainly changed but I don’t think that’s what Jack had in mind.

When Tiger was asked about being a Captain’s Pick for the Ryder Cup he repeated he would play his way onto the team.  He better get a move on that one, time is running out.  He also said he hasn’t been able to practice his putting as much as he wants.  He wants us to believe that he is sacrificing his golf game to spend time with his kids.  Come on Tiger, we stopped believing stuff like that long ago.

Take a look at Tiger’s press conference and here are few quotes from the transcript.

Q. There’s been a lot of speculation on the Ryder Cup. We’re two weeks out from locking up the top eight. If you were asked to do as a captain’s pick, are you all in?

TIGER WOODS: I’m planning on playing my way into the team.

Q. If it doesn’t happen —

TIGER WOODS: I’m planning on playing my way into the team.

Q. It’s still kind of an equivocation —

TIGER WOODS: I’m planning on playing my way into the team. (Laughter.)

Q. When did you stop practicing as much putting?

TIGER WOODS: I haven’t had time. I haven’t had as much time to practice overall with the kids. Life has changed.

Q. You kind of made it sound as though whatever your practice session is, you’re devoting more to the full swing.

TIGER WOODS: No, I haven’t practiced as much as I used to, nor should I. My kids are more important.


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