Tiger Says It’s Been A Long Year

by Jeff Skinner

Golf fans are used to watching Tiger Woods break barriers all the time.  Whether it was his win at The Masters as the first African-American or his record victories at The U.S. Open and the Open Championship, Tiger has gone where few golfers had gone before.  Tiger set a new personal record on Sunday at The Bridgestone Invitational when he finished 18 over par, his worst performance ever as a professional.

I thought after the dozens mistresses had surfaced last year I couldn’t be surprised at anything Tiger did.  I was wrong.  Each week he falls deeper and deeper into his slump.  He finished tied for 78th and 30 strokes off the lead.  There was a day when Tiger was beating the field by margins like that.  But if you consider that he couldn’t drive, chip, putt or hit an iron you can understand how he can be 18 over.  He’ll get used to hit, heck I shoot 18 over every week, but he’s Tiger.  He’s supposed shoot 18 under.  Right now he is living in a bizzarro world where everything is backwards.  He is getting worse, not better.

On Sunday Woods looked like he was a guy that just had a root canal and was heading over to his proctologist’s office.  He couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  As the round went south, and it went bad early, he had no focus to go with along no swing.  If he goes into The PGA with this game it will get real ugly.  At least he was honest when he said it wasn’t fun.  It wasn’t much fun watching it either.  As Tiger said,” It’s been a long year.”  It may be a little longer yet.

Link to Tiger’s transcript.


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