Jeff Overton Breaks PGA Championship Record

by Jeff Skinner

Lost in all the commotion surrounding Dustin Johnson’s bunker-gate on Sunday at The PGA Championship was an exceptional round of golf played by Jeff Overton.  The Ryder Cup rookie went out first, as a single when Ian Poulter withdrew and proceeded to set a PGA Championship record.  His 79 will never qualify as a scoring record but Overton was able to get around the hills and dunes of Whistling Straights in 2 hours and 9 minutes.  The PGA says he broke the old record of 2 hours and 10 minutes held by Phil Blackmaar.  That’s moving pretty fast, granted, he wasn’t really concerned about going low after going three over par after four holes but that is one quick round.

Most hackers can’t get through nine holes in 2 Hours and 9 minutes much less 18.  He had to be running around that course.  129 minutes with 79 shots, that’s one swing every 1.6 minutes or a shot every 98 seconds.  That’s absolutely amazing.  We all should take a lesson from Overton.  Play fast and enjoy.


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