Tiger & Elin Woods Divorce

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren have announced through their attorneys that their divorce is final.  After ten months of scandal, speculation and rumors the two finally have a bit of closure to an utterly distasteful period of their lives.  Tiger and Elin have been separated for months and this will allow the two of them to attempt to move on and get their respective lives together.  Their statement emphasizes their commitment to their children and their desire to concentrate on their well being.

Unfortunately children are the innocent victims anytime two parents have difficulty with their relationship.  Elin will be taking her maiden name back as she enters the next chapter in her life.  Few wives have had to endure the humiliation and drama that she has had the past year.  It’s time she started her new life.

While we haven’t seen much of Elin the past months we have seen more than enough of Tiger.  He has tried to get his game back on track but his performance this year has been dismal.  Tiger finished 112th in FedEx Cup points to get him into the playoffs but he’ll need to pick it up to advance.  He’ll need to finish somewhere between 50th to 57thplace to move on the The Deutsche Bank Championship.  He’ll be trying his hardest as the DeutscheBank benefits his Tiger Woods Foundation.  If Tiger fails to play well again and misses the rest of the playoffs it may be a blessing in disguise.  He obviously has felt the effects of his personal troubles on the course.  He may be better served taking some time off and settling his life.  A few months off could be the best medicine for an ailing Tiger. He could spend some time with his children and regroup his personal life.  The 2011 season should be the start of Tiger’s new professional life and his journey towards Jack’s eighteen majors.


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