Monty’s Tough Ryder Cup Picks

by Jeff Skinner

Say what you will about Colin Mongomerie’s wild card selections for The Ryder Cup but the fact is he couldn’t please everyone.  The European players are so strong that no matter which player he left off the team there was bound to be some grumbling and plenty of second guessing.  Monty hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite in the states or Europe for that matter but you have to feel a bit for the guy.  He was faced with tough choices and only one thing was for sure: he was going to disappoint two very talented players.

His picks, Luke Donald, Edoardo Molinari and Paddy Harrington, certainly deserved a berth on The Ryder Cup Team.  But how can you keep Paul Casey, ninth in The World Rankings and Justin Rose, arguably the hottest European golfer off the team.  Monty was paying homage to Paddy’s three majors, and well he should, but to what extent.  Casey and Rose have had far better seasons than Paddy but Paddy’s reputation and resume trumped their results.  Molinari showed grit and guts as he birdied the last three holes to win on The Euro Tour on Sunday.  He and his brother will make an amazing and formidable team for Monty.  Luke Donald has five top tens on The PGA Tour and finished ahead of Rose and Casey on The World Points list but he has no wins this year.  Justin Rose has two wins in The U.S. this year, including The Memorial one of the biggest of the non-majors tournaments.

It was an embarrassment of riches for Monty and he choose who he thought would give his team the best chance to win.  However, you have to scratch your head when you think that Rose and Casey will be sitting at home come October when the Ryder Cuppers tee it up at Celtic Manor.  Maybe the European PGA needs to revisit their selection process.  Or better yet, maybe The U.S. PGA could pass a quick bylaw or two and allow all PGA Tour members, not selected by their original team to play for the U.S Ryder Cup team.  After all, these guys live here and work here.  It’s only fitting that we let them play here.  Pick away Captain Pavin, Justin and Paul would make two great Captain’s Picks.  Just don’t tell Monty right now.


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