Here’s Your Picks Captain Pavin!

by Jeff Skinner

Note to Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin:  Whoever you pick there is sure to be a few disappointed golfers but these four golfers all offer valid reasons to be selected.

Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink are strong players with Ryder Cup experience that have been playing well lately.  Tiger Woods has to be selected.  You can’t be remembered as the Captain that left the “number one golfer” or “the greatest golfer” off the team.  I will debate if Woods is the greatest of all time but I won’t deny that he should be on the team.  The real wild card among the wild cards is Rickie Fowler.  Yes, he is only at twentieth in Ryder Cup points, but he brings a buzz and a zest to the game that this team could use.  He plays like Philly Mick and fears nothing.  He’ll go for every pin and try to make every tough shot.  Plus, some new, young, hip blood transfused into this Ryder Cup Team will counter the Euros Rory McIlroy.  This Cup could really be fun.


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