Rocco and Tiger At It Again

by Jeff Skinner

For heart pounding excitement in golf there is nothing like the back nine on Sunday at The Masters or the final holes of a U.S. Open.  But for a few minutes on this past Sunday the Frys.com Open had all that excitement and more.  With Rocco Mediate, Bo Van Pelt, Alex Prugh and Rickie Fowler supplying all the excitement any golf fan could handle.  Their finish left some announcers calling it one of the most exciting tournaments they had ever seen.  Chris Dolch feels the same way and calls a six minute span at Cordeville the best of 2010.  It’s hard to argue with him.  Link to Dolch’s article.

Tiger Woods says he is finally finding peace in his life.  “I learned a lot about myself, and I learned how things went wrong, why they went wrong, and had to take a pretty deep and introspective look at myself. And there wasn’t a lot of things I like about it,” Woods said in a video conference call for his Chevron World Challenge. “But I had to do it, and I did it, and grateful that I did. “I think that I come from a much better place, much more grounded place now than I ever have before.”
Woods will host the Chevron World Challenge in December after he makes some cash playing in Asia and Australia.  I’d like to think those words are sincere and Tiger has taken a good look at himself and his boorish behavior on and off the course but to me his words ring hollow.  We haven’t seen much in the way of honesty or humility from Tiger and if he is true to form this is just another bit of public relations work to get a little buzz going about his tournament.  Actions speak louder than words, so Tiger has a lot more work to do if you ask me.  Link to Golf.com article.


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