Jamie Sadlowski is Freakin Scary

by Jeff Skinner

There isn’t a golfer alive that doesn’t want to hit it longer. We all have seen what length can do for the pros and we all would kill for a few more yards.  Golf Magazine has called its November issue “The Power Issue” and has a bunch of tips and articles to help all of us pound it a few yards further down the pipe.  One of the more interesting pieces is written by Cameron Morfit and profiles Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski.  The title says it all: “Super Freak”.  This kid’s swing is scary and he hits a ball harder and further than anyone alive and he is only 22 years old.  He’s not the Hulk either; he is only five foot eleven and 168 pounds.  But he swings faster than anyone. His ball speed has been measured at 194 mph, that’s 60 mph greater than the PGA Tour Pros.  His clubhead moves at 134 mph at impact, that’s faster than Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson.  He uses a 7.5 degree, 48 inch Adams custom driver and goes through a bunch of them.  His pitching wedge goes 180 yards and he even can drill a 300 yard drive with his putter.  Yes… his putter.  I told you he was scary.  Check out the video and article at Golf.com.


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