Els Takes The PGA Grand Slam of Golf

by Jeff Skinner

It doesn’t have the appeal that it used to or even the weather but The PGA Grand Slam of Golf is a good deal for the four players, no matter who they are. It seems the PGA can’t get the participation of all the major champs, Phil will probably never play there again, so the PGA invites players that they think played well in this year’s majors.  It worked out fairly well  for Ernie Els and David Toms.  They might not have won a major this season but they pocketed a hefty check while spending a few days on windblown Bermuda.

Els bested Toms by a stroke to earn a first place payout of $600,000 while Toms pocketed $300,000.  The major champs that showed up, Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell each took home $225,000.  That’s not a bad haul for a few days of silly season golf.


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