Gary Player: 75 and Still Going Strong

by Jeff Skinner

Gary Player turned 75 on Monday and he says he has never been happier.  With his wife of 53 years, six children and twenty one grandchildren, his health and success he says he has lived his dream.  He hasn’t slowed down at all and has more energy than most teenagers.  You can see him do a few sit ups in a wonderful interview with Jeff Rude.  He still speaks his mind and has strong opinions on any subject.

Golf.com has a piece on The Black Night also. He is still a health and workout fanatic and works out every day.  One thousand sit ups is Players’ usual routine four or five times a week.  In both interviews Player says he feels his greatest accomplishment in golf wasn’t any particular major victory but his career Grand Slam;  not his Grand Slam on the regular tour, but his Senior Tour Grand Slam.  He is quick to point out that he is the only golfer to have won career slams on both tours and that it is tougher to win the senior Tour Slam because you have to deal with declining skills after you turn fifty.  You have to love his passion.  Player was a special golfer and still is a remarkable man.

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