The Best Moment of the Year: Phil & Amy at The Masters

by Jeff Skinner

With the PGA Tour season officially ended, this is the time of year we get all “The Best of” lists and articles.  We’ll have our Best (and worst) list soon enough but there is one moment that stands alone in the 2010 season.  You can call me an old softie and a sentimental fool and I won’t argue the point.

The absolute best moment of the year was Phil Mickelson at The Masters. However, it wasn’t the six iron from the pine straw at the fifteenth or even the final putt.  It was the emotional moment that Phil and Amy shared with their family, and all of us, behind the eighteenth green.  For Phil to come through and win The Masters with Amy there after all they have been through reads like a tear-jerking Hollywood script, and it was.  No putt or chip or ace could compare with the moment Amy and Phil shared with all of us.


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