Perfect Weather for Daydream Golf

by Jeff Skinner

This is the time of year when golf and golf news is sparse and playing golf is nothing but a dream.  The pro tours are quiet and if you live in the Northeast, as I do, the only golfing you’ll be able to do is in your daydreams.  This is the time when you are sure that every swing you make will be perfect, each drive will split the fairway and every putt will roll dead center into the cup.  This is “Daydream Golf.”

There are no double bogeys in Daydream Golf.  The ball flies straight as each swing sends it screaming off the clubhead with that professional sounding “thwack.” It draws on command and always settles on a level lie.  Your wedges have the accuracy of a surgeon, always flying to the green and never failing to spin back towards the hole.

Hazards and bunkers never come into play in Daydream Golf.  The course is perfect and the sun is warm and inviting.  Plays moves quickly as you and your buddies are the only ones on the course with no back up at par threes or foursome of dawdlers ahead of you.

There is never any doubt as to which club to hit and you prove each selection correct with a machine like result.  This is when you shoot the round of the century.  This is where the “Vision 54” followers reign supreme.  You know you can birdie each hole, a 54 is well within your reach.  Heck, with an eagle or two you’ll threaten a 52.  This is Daydream Golf and anything isn’t just possible it’s probable.

It is twenty degrees here and we all just finished digging out from a foot of snow.  The forecast is for cold and more cold and two more months of winter.  You’ll have to excuse me, I am playing 36 today.  The Old Course and Pebble Beach await.  It’s perfect weather for Daydream Golf.


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