College Bowls Gives Us More Golf

by Jeff Skinner

Although the golf season may be over for some it is just beginning for others.  For high profile division one college football coaches playing any golf during the season is rarely possible.  But with the long break between their last game and the bowl games they can sneak in a few holes.  Such is the case with the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Challenge Charity Golf Tournament.

It is a charity tournament that matches coaches and famous alumni in two man teams against their rivals trying to win scholarship money for their colleges.  It’s just what a golf fanatic like South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier needs about now.   Teams from twelve ACC and SEC schools teed it up against each other.  It will be on ESPN 2 today at 5:00 pm.

If you want to watch it without knowing the winners stop reading here, as I have posted the winners below the ad.

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher teamed with alum Terrell Buckley for a 7 under par 65 to win the tournament.  They bested Georgia Tech by one stroke and South Carolina by two.


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