The Golf Links of Scotland, Only $5,000

by Jeff Skinner

I know the season of gift giving has come to an end but I am always looking for that special deal on anything golf related.  I especially like browsing the used book stores for old books on golf.  I’ve picked up a few copies of Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus and have three copies of Golf in the Kingdom in stock thanks to my local used bookstore.

I think I may have found one that will never turn up on the shelves next to old copies of A Good Walk Spoiled or Harvey Penicks’s Little Red Book. Ryan Reiterman of Golf.com presents us with a new book on golf that will set you back a good chunk of cash if you are inclined to want a piece of The Old Course sitting on your bookshelf.

Golf Links of Scotland is priced at $5,000, a bit pricey yes, but you do get two books.  Photographer Iain Lowe spent over four years taking very detailed pictures of The Old Course and took great effort to shoot it from the players view.  George Peper, the former Golf Magazine editor who lives alongside the eighteenth fairway, supplied the text and the two combined for two massive volumes on the great courses of Scotland.

“The first volume is a detailed tour of the Old Course, complete with aerial photographs of every hole and an overlay of the yardages with a pro tip on playing the sacred course. The second volume carries the same theme, but it consists of Lowe’s and Peper’s compilation of the 18 greatest links courses in Scotland.”

It looks fantastic but I think I’ll have to wait a decade or two before it shows up in my used bookstore.


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