Spitting Tiger Gets Into More Trouble

by Jeff Skinner

So Tiger’s trip to Dubai did not work out as planned as he faded in the final round to a tie for twentieth.  Woods has shown that his game is now “consistently inconsistent.”  Rounds of 71, 66 and 72 left Woods one back going into the final round but his swing flaws persisted and he struggled to a closing 75.  But that’s not where his trouble ended.

Woods is under fire for his behavior on the twelfth green. As he surveyed his putt, he spit on the green.  Tiger, like many jocks, feels the need to spit a lot.  But on this occasion he let fly a big one right on the green.  It’s just another act of Tiger’s disregard for everyone else but himself.

This week Tiger let fly a few F-Bombs, smacked some clubs, ranted a bit and now he spits on the green where those playing behind him may have the good fortune of coming up with a handful of Tiger’s DNA on their ball.  Isn’t that nice, so much for the “New and More Respectful of the Game” Tiger.

Tiger has always been handled with kid gloves by most of the American media for fear of being frozen out by the biggest headline maker in golf.  The European press hasn’t treated Tiger that way and have plenty to say about his boorish behavior.  Ewan Murray of Sky Sports takes Tiger to task, “There are some parts of him that are just arrogant and petulant,” said Murray. “Somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that.”

Kevin Garside of The Telegraph also had issues with Tiger’s actions.  “The phlegm Woods sprayed across the 12th green might be acceptable on the football pitch but it has no place on a golf course, especially on the putting surface. Woods is an inveterate spitter. One assumes he meant no offence, but that does not excuse the action.”  There’s even talk of The European Tour taking some action towards Woods.

Tiger’s poor behavior has been grudgingly tolerated for years.  But now that Woods isn’t winning like he had in the past more and more people are growing less tolerant of his antics.  Tom Watson is one of the few who openly criticized Woods and asked that he make an effort to improve his behavior.  What we have seen since Tiger started playing again has been only glimpse of a “new Tiger.”  For the most part he has continued his crude and disrespectful behavior.  It’s been the same old Tiger, minus the victories.

See Tiger’s video here.  Thanks to Geoff Shackelford.com


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