Tiger’s Spitter Twitter

by Jeff Skinner

This wasn’t how this year was supposed to go for Tiger Woods.   Tiger was going to start 2011 with a new swing and a new attitude.  He was going to be more considerate and respectful on the course.  He was going play better, score better, win some tournaments on his way to The Masters and behave himself while doing it.  So far he has failed on all accounts.

Tiger’s trip to Dubai was a disaster on all accounts.  He played well in spurts but his inconsistent swing finally did him in.  Then there’s the spitting incident and reports of his refusing to sign autographs.  Tiger then he apologizes on his Twitter account.  Forget the apology, just act like a human.  Tiger was hoping to make something happen on this trip.  He did.  He earned censure and a fine from the European Tour.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Are we asking for too much from Tiger? We are only waiting for him to live up to his own words.  He was the one who said he was going to clean up his act on the course.  We have to understand that Tiger is never going to be Tom Lehman and he doesn’t have to be.  But he does have to be a gentleman, or at least act like one.  A true sportsman competes honestly and fairly and treats his playing partners and opponents with respect.  If it takes fines and public rebuke to get Tiger to act like a decent human being then I say hit him with some big ones.

From AP News Service: VIRGINIA WATER, England (AP) — Tiger Woods has been fined by the European Tour for spitting during the final round of the Dubai Desert Classic. The tour says tournament director Mike Stewart reviewed the incident, which took place Sunday on the 12th green, and ‘there has been a breach’ of conduct. The tour would not disclose the amount of the fine.

Tiger’s Tweet:


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