Freddy’s Cool, but No Twitter for Him

by Jeff Skinner

So 51 year old Fred Couples can still get it around Riviera.  Laid back Freddy shoots 68-66 to take a two stroke lead on the field with some golfers still not able to finish due to darkness.  Fred knows Riviera, he’s won here twice before and it would be just like him to show those younsters that a part-time PGA Tour player with more salt then pepper in his hair can still get the ball in the whole.

Fred Couples makes walking look cool, heck he looks cool standing still.  Like the saying goes,”Men want to be him and women want to be with him.”  Nothing bothers Freddy.  He’s good a some things and not too good at others.  He knows his limitations and one of them is social media.  “Twittering… I don’t know what that is” he said as he explained his lack of social media skills.  Come on Freddy, join the Facebook/Twitter generation.  There has to be millions of us that need to know what sweater your wearing or how many Advil you took to loosen up that cranky back.


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