Tiger Woods Is Really Good & Really Bad

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods proved that’s he’s a really good golfer during the second round of the WGC-Cadillac Championship.  Yes, he only shot 74 while many players managed to go a few strokes under par under tougher conditions than the first round but considering where he was hitting the ball a 74 seems like 64.  Woods had a hard time with his putter and wasn’t much better with his tee shots as he visited places on the course that only real hackers frequent.  He landed in bunkers on five occasions off the tee, hit less than half his fairways, was wide of the fairway by forty yards twice, hit one driver 122 yards, popped up a three for 188 yards and used 32 putts in a less than productive day at Doral.

Woods continues to try and put all the new components of his “Sean Foley” swing together and sometimes it looks down right painful.  On the par five second hole he did his best hacker imitation when he snapped hook his driver and it only went 122 yards.  That’s pretty poor but the worst thing is he didn’t even clear the women’s tees.  You know what that means, but Tiger showed unusual restraint by not adhering to the “Tallywacker Rule.”

If Tiger putts a bit better and uses only 26 or 27 putts it’s a different round for him.  But it’s hard to comprehend how bad all his misses are.  Even Graeme McDowell had a chuckle at Woods’ 122 yard driver.  Here’s the Shot Link of Tiger’s second hole.  As inconsistent as he is hitting the ball it’s amazing he isn’t shooting 80.


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