Tiger Woods Takes It From Jimmy Fallon

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and Fallon took a few shots and got a few laughs right off the bat at Tiger’s expense.  Fallon thanked Tiger for all the material he gave him for his monologue while Woods was immersed in Tiger-Gate.  Tiger deserved some credit for taking Fallon’s barbs with a smile.  Tiger is making the rounds on television with Fallon on Wednesday and The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive on Thursday.  It’s not that Tiger feels the need to pull an “Oprah” and open up about the last year and a half of his life; it’s that his new video game is ready to hit the shelves.  “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12” which now will feature Augusta National, will be available March 29th, just in time for The Masters.  Being able to play Augusta is almost reason enough to buy it and start playing video games or at least enough reason to convince your son to go plunk down the sixty bucks.


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