Tiger Talks & Sells His iPhone App

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods was in the news a lot yesterday.  He spent time at Arnie’s Bay Hill Invitational talking to the press for awhile.  He said that his dad knew his putting stroke better than anyone and he’s ready to be the “Corey Pavin” of his group as he’ll most likely be out driven by long hitters Dustin Johnson and Gary Woodlawn.  Click here for the entire interview.

Tiger and his crew are always on the prowl for new revenue streams and they have come up with a new App for the iPhone and the iTouch to help golfers improve through video analysis and instruction.  It looks pretty cool but the price is steep, $9.99.  But Tiger says his share will go to his Tiger Woods Foundation.  Tiger and Sean Foley use video often and I’m sure there will be plenty of takers for this app but I’ll pass, at least until Tiger can hit a few more fairways.


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