Tiger Makes His Move at The Masters

by Jeff Skinner

The Masters is shaping up to be a classic tournament.  Yes, every Masters is special but with the many storylines that came out of the first two rounds the stage has been set for an intriguing finish.  The fact that Tiger Woods suddenly found a golf game has put this Masters into a higher gear.

To all the Tiger haters out there; sorry, but the game is more interesting when he plays well.  That’s a fact.  It’s a heck of a lot more interesting when he plays well at a major.  I am not saying it is better, just more interesting.  Just as the game is more interesting when Phil Mickelson is in the mix.  You want to have your stars in the hunt at the majors, that’s why we call them majors.

Tiger’s 66 moved him moved him up 21 slots and right into the thick of things.  The golf world and Tiger for that matter, has been waiting for the swing changes and the lifestyle changes to settle down and allow Woods to play his best golf.  Maybe this is the start of the “New Foley Swing” taking effect.

It is unlikely that Woods will ever recapture the dominance he had in 2000 when he won almost at will.  But having Tiger Woods play better and compete is good for the game.  Sorry Tiger Haters, that’s not blasphemy, it’s the truth.

Maybe Woods will never win another major.  Maybe he’ll win a dozen more and shatter Jack’s record.  I don’t know but I do know he is too skilled a golfer too never compete with the best again.  He’ll get there sooner or later.  Maybe this is the week Tiger finds it.  Either way it looks to be a great weekend at The Masters.


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