A Passion For Golf

by Jeff Skinner

Today is a big day for Links Life Golf.  Today marks the posting of our 1000th blog post.  Those insiders in the blogging world tell me it is a big deal.  It’s supposed to be a milestone of some sorts.  Maybe it denotes longevity or dedication, I’m not sure what it really means but I can tell you it this: much like this game we play it has been a lot of fun.

In the past two plus years I have had a ball with Links Life Golf.  It has given me an opportunity to learn more about this crazy game and all the people that love it.  I’ve been able to interview some pros, watch them from inside the ropes and follow their stories.  I have seen the underdogs have their day and seen miracles on the course.  I truly have enjoyed the many inspirational stories and passionate people I have come across in the last few years.  That is what makes this so much fun.

The passion we all have for this game is what motivates me the most.  I have a passion for golf, some close to me might say an all consuming passion, and they may be right but that’s fine.  Few of us are ever really able to pursue their passion.  I have found mine: it is golf.  So I play and watch and read and think about golf.  And I write about golf.  It may not be Bernard Darwin or Herbert Warren Wind or Grantland Rice or John Feinstein but for me it’s my passion and I’ll keep at it as long as that passion keeps me going.

So it is only fitting that my 1000th post is about passion.  This is post one thousand and one, my previous post on Bryan Bigley was my 1000th.  Bigley has a passion for this game and he is living the dream as best he can.  And isn’t that is what it is all about; living the dream as best you can.

Thanks to all of those that have helped me find and live my passion.  Links Life Golf is part of that.



  1. Congratulations Jeff and Lilnks Life Golf on your milestone blog post!
    In the days before Links Life Golf I would go to the Golf Channel blog each day for my first look at news in the golf world but now I rarely go there at all. Now routine is 6:00am with my morning coffee and your blog. And I always get a laugh or some new insight on the game.You might not be Herbert Warren Wind but you have an authentic voice and a perspective that isn’t typically represented in golf journalism. Your passion for the game and the people who play it at all levels is always evident in you stories. And I bet you’re a lot more fun to play golf with them Herbie ever was.
    Keep it coming. Pease accept my best wishes for continued success. g

  2. Intelligent and loyal readers like you truly make it all worth while. Thanks for your gracious words.

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