Graeme McDowell Makes A Wish Come True

by Jeff Skinner

The PGA Tour likes to let it be known that they give millions of dollars to charity every year.  Each tournament does a great job of supporting many varied charities.  But there is more to charity than just money.  Many players make an effort to give their time to help. This week U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell made that effort.

Since winning at Pebble Beach last summer McDowell has become one of the more recognizable players on tour.  He spends plenty of time visiting with fans and is having as much fun in this game as anyone.  He is forthright and honest with the press and willingly gives insightful answers to all questions.

With help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, on Tuesday McDowell spent some time with twelve year old Michael DeVries a young man who has a rare liver condition that forced him to have a liver transplant three years ago. After Michael attended McDowell’s press conference he surprised the young lefthander with an invite to go hang out on the driving range with him and hit a few balls.  Needless to say McDowell is now his favorite golfer and with good reason. (Link to the story here.)

McDowell appears to be about as regular a guy as there is on tour.  He plays golf hard but likes to enjoy life off the course.  He certainly has no problem with giving back.  After the first round of The Players, during an interview with Rich Lerner, McDowell’s visit was mentioned by Lerner.  McDowell downplayed it and said he enjoys helping out.  With that Lerner closed with,” You’re a good man.”  He sure is.


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