Jack Nicklaus, Jack Nicklaus and More Jack Nicklaus

by Jeff Skinner

Each year when the PGA Tour returns to Muirfield Village we get to see and hear a little more from Jack Nicklaus.  Over the past few years Nicklaus has been a favorite subject of mine.  Here is a sampling of some articles, videos and tidbits on Mr. Nicklaus.  He’s the Greatest of All Time in more ways than one.

Long before Tiger-Gate my suggestion to Woods was to “Copy Jack One More Time.”   Their numbers on the course are similar but their life off the course couldn’t be more different.  Barbara Nicklaus was the backbone of the Nicklaus Family and the reason Jack could beat anyone on the planet.

Listen to Jack talk with Tim Rosaforte and watch him “Dot the I” at an Ohio State Football game.  He love’s being a grandpa more than anything today.  Here’s a new look at the 1986 Masters and an older one. Here Jack calls winning the ’86 Masters a mistake.  Take a look at Jack’s first Masters and his first Memorial Tournament.

There is only one “Greatest of All Time” and it’s Jack Nicklaus.




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