Steve Stricker: U.S. Open Favorite & More

by Jeff Skinner

Steve Stricker is a modest man.  He may not think he deserves all these accolades being thrown his way lately but he certainly does. Steve Stricker is a gentleman that happens to play golf.  He is about as nice a guy as there is playing professional golf.  Heck, he’s as nice a guy as there is anywhere.  He is the antithesis to Tiger Woods.  I once saw Woods stop for three minutes to answer questions after a practice round at The Deutsche Bank and he wouldn’t even go to the media center.  A half hour later I watched Steve Stricker spend twenty minutes answering questions in the same spot Woods did.  Then he went down to the media center and spent another half an hour in there answering any questions, with honest, thoughtful answers, just like Jack Nicklaus used to do.  Then on his way out he stopped again for some more journalists and gave them all the time they wanted.  He’s a special guy and has been for a long time.  And the thing is, the majority of the players on tour are a lot more like Stricker then they are Tiger Woods.  Golf Digest calls him America’s best, on and off the course. “Tiger might be more fun to watch, but Stricker is a better representative of the game. Now, by virtue of his victory in the Memorial, he is the best the PGA Tour has to offer, on and off the course. For the first time, he’s the No. 1 American in the World Ranking, fourth overall.

On Twitter, Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson cited the statistic that matters most: Three, the number of times that Stricker said “thank you” in his post-tournament news conference.”

Steve Stricker: the highest ranked American in the world, the nicest guy out there and now U.S. Open favorite.  Why not?  Hitting fairways and sinking tons of putts is the perfect formula for an Open setup.  Few do that better than Stricker.  I can’t wait for that post round interview.


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