Upset of the Year, Again: Augusta State

by Jeff Skinner

One of the most amazing stories of the year played out over the weekend as The NCAA Championships were played at Oklahoma State’s home course, Karsten Creek.  Once again it was a true David versus Goliath story.  For the second year in a row small school, Division II, Augusta State beat the big boys to claim their second consecutive NCAA Championship.  I’d say it was the biggest upset ever but they did it last year.  How amazing is that.  It’s “Hoosiers” on the golf course.

Augusta State plays every other sport at the Division II level.  It only hangs with the heavyweights for men’s golf.  I bet Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State and Georgia, the powerhouses Augusta State beat for the title, spend more on balls and tees then Augusta’s entire budget.

The same five kids repeated last year’s shocking win again this year.  Patrick Reed, Henrik Norlander, Mitchell Krywulycz, Carter Newman and Ollie Bengston are graduating and they’ll all have these memories to share forever.  Maybe some of them will play professional golf, maybe they won’t.  Maybe they’ll all move on to other endeavors but one thing will never change.  These young men were part of one of the most amazing stories in college sports.  That’s going to stick with them for a lifetime.



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