The Wegman’s LPGA Championship Live on The Golf Channel, Sort Of

by Jeff Skinner

The LPGA Tour has entered a significant part of its season.  The second major of the season, The Wegman’s LPGA Championship is underway and two of the next three tournaments are the remaining two majors (U.S. Open & British Open) along with their “fifth major” the Evian Masters.

So it was with great anticipation I sat down this afternoon to get a glimpse of the best female golfers in the world.  Only it was a disappointing “watch” if you will.

This is one of the few tournaments that The Golf Channel is covering live, thanks to the lousy contract worked out by the worst commissioner in the history of sports, Carolyn Bivens and golf shots were few and far between on The Golf Channel.

In the last 26 minutes of the broadcast we saw eleven live shots.  Eleven shots…are you kidding me…and three of them were tap ins!

I like Rich Lerner, he is great, but enough of the interviews and taped segments.  We see these women so infrequently it’s like a part time sport.  We finally have some live TV time (only a 2 hour slot) and we get to see one shot every two minutes.  That’s just awful.

To add insult to injury they leave the LPGA, a major now less, to go to a “pre-game” for the Travelers, which by the way is suspended because of the deluge the Northeast has been under all day.

Let me play Golf Channel executive for one minute.  Try this: leave the Wegman’s for two minutes for an update on the Travelers (wet, wet and more wet) then head back to the Wegmam’s (your team is still in place) for another hour or so.  Is that too complicated?

It’s just another instance of the LPGA getting second class treatment and they deserve better.

I’m just glad I recorded the Morning Drive so I could get my golf fix.


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