More From The Open Championship

by Jeff Skinner

Love it…

Anyone who follows golf has to love Darren Clarke and his Open Championship win.  He’s one of the guys that could and probably will, have a pint with anyone.  He’s as regular a guy as a millionaire professional golfer can be.

Phil Mickelson finally made a charge in the final round of the Open.  He is usually long forgotten by Sunday but with a sizzling front nine he was tied for the lead at one point.

Links Golf was a winner win for sure.  I know many will complain about the bounces, bunkers and rolls that such a unique course dishes out but it’s a pleasant change from the driver-wedge-putt game played on most American courses.

Great Britain’s weather may have had as much to do with the outcome as the humps and bumps.  That’s what you get at The Open.  Did you see Darren Clarke on Sunday?  He was the only player in short sleeves and no long sleeve crap under his shirt either.  He was playing his own brand of golf, attitude and all.

What are they putting in that Guinness?  They now have back to back major champions from Northern Ireland and 3 of the last 5.  Clarke, Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell can field their own Ryder Cup Team.

How about that pair of Toms?  Watson thrilled us once again with an ace and continues to prove that he is the best links golfer ever.  The amateur Tom, Lewis played with Watson and took low amateur honors.

Chubby Chandler looks like King Midas.  He has the golden touch of late with Rory and Schartzel, Oosthuizen winning majors, throw in Lee Westwood and that’s some stable of pros.  But this win is extra special for Chubby.  Darren Clarke was his first client and got him started in this business.  On top of that, Clarke and Chandler are very close friends.  Chubby tried to hide it but there were tears in his eyes when Darren thanked him at the victory ceremony.

Hate it…

Dustin Johnson finds another way to kill his chances in the final round of a major.  He adds the Open Championship to the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship where he was there at the end on Sunday but found a way to lose.

Rory McIlroy has to take a hit here but not for his play, for his words.  I can accept his T25 finish but he says he doesn’t like it when weather affects the outcome.  Does he ever play golf in Ireland?

I expected more from these guys than a missed cut: Paddy, Poulter, Westwood, Manassero, Kuch, Watney, Mahan and Luke Donald.

Phil Mickelson reverts back to his old ways on the back nine.  I know I said I loved Phil’s charge but when he needed to keep it going he stumbled.  He missed a gimme putt at eleven and that’s classic Phil: make the hard shot then miss the easy putt.


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