Choking to a Big Break Win

by Jeff Skinner

If you’re a fan of The Golf Channel you probably have been following The Big Break and last night was the final night for The Big Break Indian Wells series.  After an uninspired match where no player could make a putt when it counted, or didn’t count for that matter, David Byrne bested his fellow Canadian, Kent Eger.

It was one poor hole after another that led to David finally winning when Kent couldn’t sink his putt.  David takes home $70,000 and an exemption to the 2012 Zurich Classic.  I give

plenty of credit to Kent who has been a bit outspoken all season.  He said it as plain as day, “I choked.”  You’re not the only one Kent.  David choked just about as much as you.

It seems The Big Break is always a bit more interesting when the ladies are involved.  We watch men play week after week and having some attractive female player makes the show a bit more appealing.  I know it sounds sexist but that’s the way it is.  Go check the ratings.

The best part of last nights’ show was the commercial for the next Big Break: The Big Break Ireland.  The timing looks perfect as Darren, Rory and G-Mac certainly have kept Irish golf in the headlines lately.  Now, if The Golf Channel can  just get Rory’s old girlfriend Holly and his new flame, tennis player Carol Woznaicki to sign up.

Rory & Holly




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