Darren & Chubby & a Few Pints

by Jeff Skinner

Looks like I’m not the only one with an Open Championship Hangover.  Darren Clarke met the press for his Champion Press Conference and he hadn’t had a bit of sleep.  Well, when you have the reputation that Darren has (he likes a pint or two) and you win the biggest tournament of your life, you’re expected to party a bit.  Clarke didn’t disappoint as he said he had a few pints, a few beers and some red wine for good measure.

There couldn’t be a more popular win among the players and Clarke is certainly feeling the love along with that hangover.  He said he had over 200 texts but trying to read them through those eyes was a bit tough.  He can’t wait to get home to his sons so they can revel in his victory together.

Clarke is content with his name on the Claret Jug and certainly recognizes the financial advantages of winning this major.  He says Chubby will take care of that and there is no doubt that he will.

Take a look at these videos.  In the first Darren certainly show the signs of a night of partying and in the second Chubby made a surprising prediction before the Open.  You can’t make this stuff up.



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