Tiger Woods Splits from Steve Williams

by Jeff Skinner

In a statement released on his website, Tiger Woods has announced that he has let go his long time caddy Steve Williams.  After 12 years and 13 major championships the two have parted ways because Tiger says “I think it’s time for a change.”  Actually it was time for a change a few weeks ago.

According to a statement on Steve William’s website, Tiger informed him of the decision at The A.T. & T. National.  Woods is now left with only his agent, Mark Steinberg as the last remnant of his inner circle.  Gone are the sponsors, his teacher and he wife.  Tiger and Steinberg have joined a new agency and I can imagine that Steinberg has been filling Tiger’s head with his great plan of redemption that they will unleash as soon as Tiger gets two good wheels.

For my money this is the best thing that could happen to Steve Williams.  Don’t get me wrong: Tiger made Williams a very rich man.  Heck, he has his own sponsors and his very own foundation.  Man, can you imagine, hired help with his very own foundation.  After all, that’s what Williams appears to have been for Woods, hired help.  But he was much more than that.

There are caddies and there are professional caddies.  Steve Williams is a professional caddy.  He has earned the reputation of doggedly defending his man especially Tiger from all comers.  After the revelations that Tiger had been unfaithful and carrying on, in essence a secret life, Williams stood by his man.  There was much speculation that Williams was in the know on Tiger’s affairs but Williams denied it.   So he either was not privy to Tiger’s life or if he did know he stood by his guy, an admirable position.

Williams has caddied for some serious golfers: Peter Thompson, Ian Baker Finch, Greg Norman, and Raymond Floyd in addition to Woods.  All are major winners and all except Baker-Finch are, or will be in the Hall of Fame.  That’s not just coincidence.

Williams will have an easier life now.  He won’t have to deal with the three ring circus that surrounds Woods or betraying the inner circle that all members had feared in the past.  All he’ll have to do is tote Adam Scott’s bag (he’s full time now) and work his new man into winning a major.  Scott looks like a new golfer since he has that broomstick putter and Williams on the bag.

And as far as keeping quiet about his man, Williams has no worries mate.  Scott is single, dates who he likes and TMZ is usually there before anyone else.  There will be much less drama in Stevie’s life.  It should be golf and nothing but golf for Williams and he has to be fine with that.


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