Williams Disappointed with Tiger

by Jeff Skinner

The Steve Williams and Tiger Woods divorce continues to be a big story in golf circles.  Williams, who never spoke out of turn when it came to his old boss has been quite a bit more open about his “disappointment” with his firing and with Tiger himself.

He spoke to Television New Zealand and admitted that he feels “I’ve wasted two years of my life.”  He obviously means sticking with Woods since the scandal hit in November of 2009.

“I’ve stuck with Tiger and been incredibly loyal. I’m not disappointed I’ve been fired – that’s part of the job – but the timing is extraordinary.”

“I am extremely disappointed, given that the last 18 months has been a particularly difficult time,” he said.

“With the scandals, a new coach, a swing change, I’ve stuck with him through thick and thin and been incredibly loyal – and then this happens.”

“I wouldn’t ditch someone when the chips are down. I’ve stuck by Tiger and put myself and my family in a difficult position.”

“I, along with a lot of people, lost a lot of respect for Tiger and I pointed out before his return at the Masters at Augusta in 2010 that he had to earn back my respect.”

“He was starting to do that, but it’s not the case now.”

They say all good things must come to an end and that’s the case here.  Williams and Tiger were the most successful caddy/player pairing in the history of golf.  But as Tiger has proven over the past months no one is sacred in his inner circle and Williams is the latest collateral damage in the Tiger-Gate scandal.

Link to video and article on TV New Zealand




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