Tiger Woods Falls to 21st in the World

by Jeff Skinner

The hits just keep on coming for Tiger Woods.  This hasn’t been a great week for Woods as Steve Williams has been very vocal about the way Tiger fired him and now the World Golf Rankings show Tiger is out of the top twenty for the first time since 1997.

As the golf season passes Woods by he falls further and further down the Official World Golf Rankings.  Woods had spent more time at number one  than any other golfer, 623 weeks which includes another record of 281 consecutive weeks as number one.

Woods had been benefitting from his very successful 2009 season when he had six wins and three seconds on the PGA Tour.  Since the Official World Golf Rankings include the last two years of results he has remained in the top of the rankings.  As the year passes his victories will drop off and his ranking will continue to drop.  Woods can stop his decline by getting back on the course and notching a few top finishes but no one knows when that will be.

Woods continues to make headlines without teeing it up.  Until he gets his three ring circus back on the course and starts to perform he’ll continue to make news for all the wrong reasons.



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