Twitter Showdown: Rory McIlroy vs Jay Townsend

by Jeff Skinner

This age of instant communication is a double edged sword.  The cell phone has now become an appendage that many people can’t live without.  This generation is one that has grown up with the need for instant information and communication.  I understand it, begrudgingly. I don’t really like the fact that when you go out to dinner there are as many smart phones on the table as forks but that’s the way it is.

I use Twitter a little but I’m just a nondescript blogger.  No one really cares what comes out of my Twitter feed but when you are a professional golf writer or a professional golfer, people care, many people.

Golf writer Jay Townsend and Rory McIlroy got into it on Twitter with Townsend attacking Rory’s course management and his caddy.  Rory, like all good mates should do, defended his caddy but went too far.  They both went too far.

Townsend says a 10 year old has better course management and Rory called him a failed golfer and told him to shut up.  Come on guys, you’re both professionals, supposedly.

This is what we get when there are no filters on our thoughts.  Townsend was doing live commentating on The Irish Open and continued his Rory bashing on his Twitter account.  McIlroy attacked Townsend like they were in a street fight.

There is plenty of commentary on who crossed the line and who should apologize.  In my book they both are guilty: guilty of Aggressive Twittering in the First Degree.  Maybe they should try to keep their comments a bit more positive and stay away from the negative.  Take away their Twitter feed for a week.  Or here’s an idea: you can think those thoughts, but keep them to yourself and off the web.

My mom always said, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Click here for Townsend’s Twitter feed.

Click here for Rory’s twitter feed.


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