Adam Scott Wins at Firestone. Or was it Steve Williams?

by Jeff Skinner

Adam Scott knew he was getting a good caddy when he hired Steve Williams but what he didn’t know was that at their first win together Williams would get more attention.  As Scott strode triumphantly to the eighteenth green with a three stroke lead, the crowd was chanting “Steve…Steve…Steve” and singing ‘Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.”  To say it was bizarre doesn’t quite capture it.

Adam Scott played great golf to beat a field of the best golfers in the world to win by four strokes.  He had an air of confidence about him all day and was dressed to intimidate.  The Aussie wore all black from head to toe and maybe that was in deference to Williams’ favorite rugby team The All Blacks.  Whatever the reason, it worked as Scott’s five under 65 was more than enough to pull away from the field.

His golf was amazing but the overwhelming theme of the day was Williams claiming victory with his new man in a place that Tiger has owned for years.  Afterwards, with as broad a smile as he could muster Williams said, “I’ve caddied for 33 years and this is the greatest week of my life.”

It doesn’t end there.  Williams gave a long, unfiltered interview to many of the media after the tournament and said he was “short shifted” by Tiger and that he “was absolutely shocked that I got the boot.”  Asked how he felt about the win he said, “It’s the most satisfying win I’ve ever had.”

The still bitter Williams said he was told on the phone that “we needed to take a break, and in caddy lingo that means you’re fired.  Simple as that.”

Williams spoke like he finally had that Team Tiger Duct Tape ripped off his mouth.  He reveled in this win like few caddies ever have.

As Scott dropped his birdie putt on eighteen Williams gave an emphatic fist pump, much like Tiger used to.  He was asked if there was a little extra emotion in that and he smiled as wide as he could with the answer, “Absolutely!” Take that Tiger.

It was a strange scene: the winning caddy warranting more media that the winner.  But these past two years with Tiger and Williams have been as strange as they come.

Adam Scott and Steve Williams can now set their sights on their first major together.  Won’t that be some interview.

Link to Steve Williams interview with David Feherty



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