Stricker Goes Low, Tiger Blows Up

by Jeff Skinner

Take a look at these two interviews from Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods at today’s PGA Championship.  It’s easy to see who shot 63 and who stumbled to 77.  Strick tied for the lowest score in a major championship.  He missed a new record 62 by inches on his last hole.  He says there isn’t a putt that he can’t make and he “takes it easy on himself and try to enjoy it (playing) more.”

Tiger got it to three under early and was actually tied for the lead then he rinsed one at twelve and the wheels, axel and transmission fell off.  He said he was “angry” and that’s understandable.  He’s frustrated that he has no control over his ball any longer.  Strangely, he said he had “mechanical thoughts” while he was hitting it hit well but when he decided to “let it go” he lost his game and went ten over par for the next thirteen holes.


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