Stricker Leads Fortysomethings After Day One

by Jeff Skinner

It looks as if the youth movement in golf decided to take a day off today at The PGA Championship.   Surprisingly, the top four spots were all occupied by “fortysomethings.”  Steve Stricker shot a record tying 63 and he’s a young 44.  His pal Jerry Kelly, who is the same age, got around in five under 65.  Forty two year old, former PGA Champ, Shaun Micheel was three back of Stricker with a 66. Scott Verplanck wanted in on the Senior Citizen party and the 47 year old snuck in with a 67.

What’s going on here?  This was supposed to be a changing of the guard.  The Rory’s, Rickie’s and Matteo’s were supposed to own golf today.  The old guys will “not go gently into that good night.”

Stricker took a second to bask in his wonderful round but then said “it’s only day one.”  Yes, it is but for the old guys it was a great one.



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