Stephen A. Smith Says Tiger Needs to Get Loose

by Jeff Skinner

Everyone has their solution for Tiger Woods and his inability to find his swing again.  From Charles Barkley to Brandel Chamblee to Butch Harmon to Sean Foley to Presidents Obama and Bush to every hacker that three putts from five feet and anyone that can breathe, there is any number of fixes for Tiger’s troubles.

Stephen A. Smith offered his today on ESPN Radio while filling in for Colin Cowherd on the syndicated program “The Herd.”   Smith is known for his edgy opinions and has been known to kick up a bit of controversy.  Today was no different and it was quite entertaining.  He has a “Recipe for Tiger’s Recovery” and it’s something plenty of regular guys have said but no one with a forum has been so inclined to voice it.

In Smith’s words, “Tiger needs to get loose again.” Substitute what happens to a new carpet for “loose” and you get his message.

From Stephen A. Smith’s rant, “Tiger Woods needs to go back to doing what he was doing.  We don’t need to go into what that is, we know.

Let’s just simply say that he doesn’t need to be thinking about monogamy.

He doesn’t need to be thinking about marriage, he needs to be concentrating on being the best father that he can be.  But when it comes to the ladies, let’s just say he doesn’t need to be thinking about toning it down.

It doesn’t work for him, it doesn’t.

Everybody has their muse.  Everybody has what works for them and for Tiger this works for him.

Tiger Woods (sold himself) got busted, feels humiliated and can’t recover.

I have a recipe for his recovery: Accept it.  Let me see you with a honey on the course.  Let me see somebody on the other side waiting to kiss you when you finish playing.

I mean that’s what you need.  Stop the nonsense.

He needs to get loose. Period.

He got his muse.  We know what it is.

He needs to get a tad bit wild again.

Smith delivered this rant in his usual emotional style and as controversial as it may seem being voiced by a member of the national media, it’s what everyone has been saying off the record.  Not many commentators could get away with saying what Smith said.  I can’t imagine Rich Lerner or Kelly Tilghman saying that.  Heck Johnny Miller and David Feherty wouldn’t go that far.  They all would feel the wrath of their producers not to mention Camp Tiger.

But Smith is Smith and today he was hysterical.

Click here to go to ESPN Radio, select the link for Shows, then the link for The Herd.



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