Love It…Hate It

by Jeff Skinner

Love It/Hate It from the weekend.

Loved the US Amateur and the way those kids played. There were some amazing matches.

Hated that there could be only one winner.

Loved seeing the American women perform so well at The Canadian Women’s Open.

Hated The Golf Channel for not switching to it live even though they could have.

Loved the fact that NBC was covering the final match at the US Amateur.

Hated that I couldn’t see it because here in New York the local affiliate insisted on covering that damn hurricane.

Loved the look of Erin Hills.  That hard, fast links style of golf is captivating.

Hated only seeing a little bit of it when The Golf Channel finally switched to it towards the end on Sunday.

Loved The PGA Tour for doing the right thing and getting out of New Jersey before Irene really let loose.

Hated watching it on Saturday tape delay.  Cover it Live!

Loved listening to Roger Maltbie and his “everyman” style.

Hate having to listen to the pompous Jimmy Roberts.

Loved Mark Calcavecchia finally winning on The Champions Tour.

Hated that it took him 31 tries to do it.  Calc is one of the good guys.

Loved the fact that there was so much golf this weekend:  PGA, Euro Tour, LPGA, US Am, Seniors & Nationwide.

Hated that the coverage was pathetic.  With the Barclays cut short and starting early on Saturday, CBS didn’t cover it live when they could have.  With the LPGA teeing off early on Sunday and The Barclays done, The Golf Channel could have elected to go live with the Canadian Women’s Open.  But we were stuck with tape delay.


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