Tiger Woods: “Life is Difficult”

by Jeff Skinner

Tiger Woods is back on the golf course today as he takes some time to play at his good friend Notah Begay’s charity event at the NB3 Challenge. Woods and Begay appeared on this today’s Morning Drive and Woods and for a second Tiger actually sounded sincere and a bit reflective.

Eric Kuselias asked Woods what he would say to himself if he could go back 15 years to a young Tiger as he started his professional career.  “I’d have to say that life is obviously very difficult” and he went on to admit “I’ve made my share of mistakes.”  He turned upbeat after that and said, “It’s been a lot of fun being able to chase your dreams and do something I love to do each and every day.”

I am no psychiatrist but that sounds to me like a man that isn’t happy with himself.  Obviously the last two years have taken a huge toll on Woods.  He has fallen further than anyone can imagine but he rarely admits it.  For the first words out of his mouth to be “life is difficult” well, that speaks volumes as to his state of mind.

Backtrack to summer 2008:  Woods had just won the U.S. Open on a broken leg, was at the top of the sports world and raking in hundreds of millions of dollars.  He was the biggest of the big dogs. I doubt he could have even thought of the words “life is difficult”.  Maybe “the media is difficult” or “growing my goatee is difficult.”  But “life is difficult,” come on.

Maybe Woods is feeling the strain of a life he can’t control.  His swing is gone as is the life he once knew.  Divorce and visitation bring a whole new set of factors into one’s life and Woods isn’t used to dealing with anything he can’t control.  Tiger is right, at times, life is difficult.  But to hear him admit it is strange.  Welcome to the real world Tiger, a world you can’t control.


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